With more than 60% of employers saying that workplace wellness programs have reduced their organizations’ healthcare costs, a corporate wellness program is the only sensible thing to do.

The percentage of U.S. companies enrolling in health and corporate wellness programs has increased sharply over the years. In fact, a 2016 study found that 87% of employers are committed to workplace wellness and 73% offer a wellness program. Why the sudden climb? With rising costs in healthcare, employers are placing a serious investment in the wellbeing of their employees. Statistics show that employers who invest in Corporate Wellness programs have the opportunity to see a return of $1.50-$3 in savings per dollar spent. These savings are reflected in absenteeism, workers comp, disability, medical costs and on-the-job inefficiency. Corporate Wellness has proven a 28% reduction in sick leave, 26% reduction in health care benefit and 30% reduction in workers compensation claims and disability. Corporate Wellness is an investment that both the employer and employee can benefit from.

During our last 25 years providing wellness to the community, New Performance Nutrition has had the opportunity to help many large corporations, such as biotech leader Amgen, establish corporate health behaviors and goals. The benefits to both employer and employee are remarkable as each individual employee participates in a personalized program based on his or her nutritional needs.  This healthy nutritional influence on individual wellness creates positive energy and satisfaction as better health leads to reduced stress, less human error, and more harmonious relationships among co-workers. Our corporate nutrition wellness programs are designed, and proven, to help increase productivity, health and total well-being dramatically in clients and create a thriving corporate setting.

NPN is proud to offer:

• On-site Staffing
• One-on-One Nutrition Counseling
• Personal Training
• VO2Max Testing
• Testing:

- Blood Pressure
- Body Fat Percentage
- Full Lipid Profile
- Weight

NPN also caters to unique medical conditions including:

• Diabetes
• Hypoglycemia
• High Cholesterol
• Heart Disease
• Toxic Metal Chelating
• Auto Immune Deficiency
• Eating Disorders
• Hypo/Hyper Thyroid
• Pre/Post-natal

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