Assessing metabolism through gas exchanges such as air, oxygen and carbon dioxide (a by product of breathing) is the most precise and cutting edge technology available today. NPN has become a leader in this arena because we believe that scientifically proven tests are the best and only way for our clients to achieve their goals completely and quickly while removing unnecessary risk of injury and lost time.

This method most importantly removes the uncertainty that comes when guessing, in regards to burning fat during exercise and what one should do individually day in and day out. During the exercise testing we will obtain your anaerobic threshold. Your AT will allow us to know precisely what your 4 or 5 heart rate training zones are exactly, no guessing! We can teach you how and when to burn fat or carbohydrates when needed. Metabolism is as individual as fingerprints and DNA. A formula such as '220 minus age' that you may see on aerobic equipment suggesting your training zones is extremely inaccurate in most cases. Many times this formula is off by 30% or more. This type of inaccuracy is part of the reason that many individuals are frustrated from nominal results while training 5 or more days a week. New Performance offers its clients complete scientific accuracy with our Cardio Coach V02 metabolic assessment. As we do with our scientific approach to customized nutrition, we are now bringing the same high standards to our exercise assessments. Through our exercise assessment we can customize the perfect fat burning training zone program for you!

Along with complete heart rate training zones, our metabolic assessment will give an exact calorie burn per day at rest (RMR, resting metabolic rate). Not only does one learn how many calories they really burn, our clients will know what type of fuel they are burning more efficiently at rest, fats or carbohydrates. Effective utilization of fat and carbohydrates is crucial to weight management goals, energy levels, performance and recovery from exercise and day to day living. At Mahowald Nutrition our staff of expert kinesiologist’s and fitness trainers will customize the optimal cardiovascular program based on your individual needs and goals. Along with our expert nutritionist’s and registered dietitians, our team will develop the optimal exercise and nutrition plan for you!