Americans spend over $60 million a year to lose weight. Of those that actually do lose weight, 41% of them gain back their weight and more within 5 years. Why does it seem so hard to lose weight? It’s because we think we know how to eat healthy and diet: eat less and cut carbs. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. With that logic it’s no wonder typical dieters fail 3 out of their usual 4 attempts to lose weight a year. 

Losing weight takes more than an overarching “diet”, it takes science. New Performance Nutrition uses science to see how your body reacts to certain foods, how many calories your body burns at a resting state to see how many calories your body needs at the minimum and then uses the data that you provide about your familial heath and your current health. From THERE, we can find what foods your body needs to burn the maximum amount of fat, produce the most energy and work best with your body for maximum results. We will create your own food plan that is specific only for you and your body. Here at New Performance Nutrition, we have a 100% success rate and you can be a part of that.